Montag, April 8th, 2013

appgefahren News-Ticker am 8. April (7 News)

Nach dem Wochenende startet der Ticker in eine neue Woche. Was passiert gerade in der Apple-Welt?

+++ 16:50 Uhr – iPad: Wonderputt gratis laden +++
Ein echter Tipp für alle, die an Weihnachten noch nicht zugeschlagen haben. Wonderputt (App Store-Link) kann aktuell wieder gratis geladen werden, normalerweise zahlt man 89 Cent. Bei...

Mittwoch, März 13th, 2013

Breathometer combines breathalyzer with Apple’s iPhone

Breathometer, Inc. today kicked off the crowdfunding campaign for the Breathometer, an accessory that plugs into Apple's iPhone and lets users know if they or someone else has had one too many to drink.

Mittwoch, März 13th, 2013

French Apple Stores prohibited from making employees work after hours, fined 10K euros

Seven Apple Stores in France can no longer force employees to work after doors close, as a Paris court has banned the company from such activity following complaints from labor unions.

Mittwoch, März 13th, 2013

Samsung spent $68M more than Apple on 2012 phone ads, increased budget fivefold

According to new research released on Tuesday, Samsung spent a whopping $401 million on U.S. print, television, billboards and internet advertisements in 2012, leapfrogging past HTC and its biggest rival Apple, which in 2011 outspent the Korean...

Dienstag, März 12th, 2013

Google Now for iOS allegedly demoed in ‘leaked’ promotional video

A video showing off an alleged Google Now app built for iOS was supposedly leaked to YouTube on Tuesday, with the promotional-style clip touting the service's major features including real time data acquisition and predictive actions.

Dienstag, März 12th, 2013

Dropbox brings easier file sharing and notification to updated desktop client

In an update to its desktop software on Tuesday, cloud storage giant Dropbox made a number of user interface design changes to its OS X menu bar asset, allowing direct access to file sharing, recently changed files...

Dienstag, März 12th, 2013

IDC projects Android tablets will pass Apple’s iPad this year, sees little good news for Microsoft

The year 2013 will be the one in which shipments of tablets running Google's Android operating system will pass those of Apple's iPad, according to a new analysis out from IDC.

Dienstag, März 12th, 2013

Apple rival Samsung’s Galaxy S IV shows up in online video ahead of launch

Just days before its official unveiling at a massively hyped event in New York, a video has emerged online appearing to show off the Galaxy S IV, the new flagship smartphone that Samsung hopes will unseat Apple's...

Montag, März 11th, 2013

Apple close to deal with Brazilian ‘iPhone’ name holder

Apple and the holder of the trademark "iPhone" in Brazil, tech firm IGB Electrônica SA, are allegedly in talks to resolve a legal dispute that has seen the latter company release its own "iPhone" in the emerging...

Freitag, März 8th, 2013

Google passes Apple as top U.S. mutual, hedge fund holding

Google's stint as Wall Street's new darling brought another milestone on Thursday, as shares of the internet search giant passed Apple to become the most-owned stock by the 50 largest actively managed mutual funds in the U.S.

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