Freitag, August 1st, 2014

Facebook’s Slingshot adds ‘reactions-to-reactions’ in latest update, bypasses reply to unlock

Facebook on Thursday pushed out an update to its Slingshot photo messaging service and app, allowing users to bypass the "reply-to-unlock" mechanic by replying to "reactions" with photos, video or text.

Donnerstag, Juli 31st, 2014

Apple confirms Beats layoffs; 200 people expected to lose jobs

Apple has confirmed reports of job losses at Beats as a part of its $3 billion acquisition. "We're excited to have the Beats team join Apple, and we have extended job offers to every Beats employee," says...

Donnerstag, Juli 31st, 2014

Macphun brings Tonality to photo-editing lineup for B&W images

Photo software maker Macphun has unveiled a fourth tool in its suite of image-editing apps, this time creating one aimed at the art of black and white photography, whether the image was originally shot in color or...

Donnerstag, Juli 31st, 2014

Researchers: USB firmware exploitable for computer malware install

A pair of researchers are going to discuss a giant security exploit in how the Universal Serial Bus (USB) firmware can be exploited. Security researchers Karsten Nohl and Jakob Lell have developed "BadUSB," a malware package resident...

Donnerstag, Juli 31st, 2014

Apple opens first ‘open-air’ temp shop in Switzerland’s Glattzentrum

As anticipated, Apple has launched its first-ever "open-air" temporary store, located inside of the Glattzentrum mall in Wallisellen, Switzerland. The mall's primary Apple Store is undergoing an expansion. Workers won't say how long construction is expected to...

Donnerstag, Juli 31st, 2014

Samsung earnings disappoint as company blames competition in smartphone space

While Apple continues to see strong growth with its hot-selling lineup of smartphones, rival Samsung reported lower-than-expected earnings on Thursday, posting its smallest profit in two years.

Donnerstag, Juli 31st, 2014

Shazam arrives for Mac with always-on detection

Music and TV recognition service Shazam has today launched its first-ever Mac app. While similar in design to the iOS client, the Mac app is able to listen constantly, generating an ongoing list of items it hears....

Donnerstag, Juli 31st, 2014

Shazam launches Mac app with always-on listening mode

Popular music, TV and ad recognition app Shazam made its way to the Mac on Wednesday with a new app that operates in background to serve up instant matches, with one-click access to lyrics, music videos and...

Donnerstag, Juli 31st, 2014

Report: Apple offers fastest delivery among online sites

Customer service analytics company StellaService has released a new report that ranks Apple as number one for online delivery speed, up from an eighth-place ranking in April. The iPhone maker captured the top spot for the first...

Mittwoch, Juli 30th, 2014

Banking 4i Entwickler im Interview: Die Konkurrenz hilft mit

Wir haben uns mit dem Geschäftsführer der Subsembly GmbH, Andreas Selle, über Banking 4i, die unfreiwillige Unterstützung der Konkurrenz und die Portierung auf den Mac unterhalten.

Banking 4i gibt es schon...

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