Mittwoch, Juli 30th, 2014

Microsofts Notiz-Service OneNote für iOS & OS X verbessert

OneNote integriert durch das jüngste Update hilfreiche und nützliche Funktionen.

Wer für plattformübergreifende Notizen auf den von Microsoft angebotenen Service OneNote (iPhone/iPad/Mac) setzt, darf sich jetzt über neue Funktionen freuen. Sowohl die Version für iPhone und iPad, als auch die Mac-Edition wurden in der Nacht aktualisiert.

Ab sofort unterstützt OneNote das...

Mittwoch, Juli 30th, 2014

Review: Rapoo E6300 Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad

Rapoo's E6300 Bluetooth keyboard is billed as the perfect complement to Apple's iPad, with device-specific shortcuts, a slim profile and extended battery life, but the hardware falls far short of expectations.

Mittwoch, Juli 30th, 2014

Amazon reveals motives in Hatchette war: forcing lower e-book prices

Painting itself in an altruistic, pro-consumer light, Amazon in a post posing as an "update" on the Hatchette standoff -- that has prevented customers from buying print or e-book editions from the publisher because Amazon refuses to...

Dienstag, Juli 29th, 2014

FCC opens comments on request to preempt state laws for broadband

After receiving petitions from the Electric Power Board (EPB) of Chattanooga, Tennessee and the City of Wilson in North Carolina, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is opening comments on the subject of preempting state laws. Based on...

Dienstag, Juli 29th, 2014

Instagram launches Snapchat competitor ‘Bolt’ in select markets, US not included

A week after rumors that Instagram would launch Bolt, the Facebook-owned company soft launched the new time-restricted image and video messaging app in New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa.

Dienstag, Juli 29th, 2014

Briefly: Grovemade’s metal iPhone docks, Kindle for iOS 4.4

Accessories producer Grovemade has announced the introduction of a limited edition run of iPhone docks comprised of metal. Called the Black Dock, the new product is available with a solid steel or brass base, combined with an...

Dienstag, Juli 29th, 2014

Apple confirms buyout of radio/podcast app Swell

As rumored yesterday, Apple has indeed bought Swell, a spokesperson tells the Wall Street Journal's Daisuke Wakabayashi. The company has refused to provide any other information, issuing a standard statement that "we buy smaller technology companies from...

Dienstag, Juli 29th, 2014

Apple confirms purchase of personalized talk radio service Swell, shuts down app

Apple has indeed purchased Swell, a personalized news radio application, the company confirmed on Tuesday, after promptly shutting removing the free download from the iOS App Store.

Dienstag, Juli 29th, 2014

Trouble at TPK may hint at iWatch production issues

Changes in profit forecasts at TPK may signal delays in iWatch production, reports suggest. Taiwanese publication UDN notes that TPK -- thought to be making touch modules for the iWatch -- has pushed back a predicted third-quarter...

Dienstag, Juli 29th, 2014

MOTU ships trio of Thunderbolt audio interfaces, AVB Ethernet switch

Audio device manufacturer MOTU has announced three new Thunderbolt audio interfaces with 48-channel mixing, DSP effects and AVB Ethernet audio networking for system expansion. Based on a new, shared technology platform, the 1248, 8M and 16a use...

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