Mittwoch, Juli 16th, 2014

Apple to pay $450M to settle class action over e-book price fixing

Apple has agreed to pay $450 million to settle a class-action lawsuit over e-book price fixing, brought against it by states and consumers, according to New York's Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman. The payment will settle allegations made in 33 states and territories, including New York. Schneiderman says that of the total amount, up to $400 million could...

Dienstag, Juli 15th, 2014

No-IP addressing Senate regarding Microsoft domain seizure ordeal

Following the fallout of the Microsoft seizure of No-Ip domains, the dynamic domain name service company is speaking to the Senate about the incident. In a hearing scheduled before the Microsoft action against No-IP about proper enforcement...

Samstag, Juli 12th, 2014

Fake motions filed in Apple, Facebook employee ‘no poach’ suit

Silicon Valley's "no poach" lawsuit involving Apple, Adobe, Google, and Intel may be slowly grinding to a conclusion, but not without some peculiar behavior. An investigation has been launched by the US District Court for the Northern...

Donnerstag, Juli 3rd, 2014

Judge bars Apple from using terms like ‘patent troll’ in GPNE lawsuit

Apple must avoid using terms like "patent troll," "privateer," or "bandit" in its defense against a patent lawsuit from GPNE Corp., according to a pre-trial ruling by US District Judge Lucy Koh. The company will also be...

Donnerstag, Juli 3rd, 2014

Sunrise Calendar comes to Mac, gets unique offline mode

Developer Sunrise Atelier has released the first Mac version of its signature title, Sunrise Calendar. The software is functionally similar to its iOS and Android counterparts -- mixing and matching content from sources like Google, iCloud, and...

Dienstag, Juli 1st, 2014

Apple encouraged infringement of live streaming tech, Emblaze claims

Apple pushed organizations like Major League Baseball and ESPN to adopt its HTTP live streaming (HLS) technology, and in so doing caused them to infringe on an Emblaze patent, a lawyer for the latter party claimed today...

Dienstag, Juni 24th, 2014

Samsung, attorneys to pay Apple, Nokia $2M for leaking private data

Apple has won another legal victory over its rival Samsung, this time against both the Galaxy phone maker and its legal team, Quinn Emanuel, led by John Quinn. A $2 million penalty has been levied against both...

Montag, Juni 23rd, 2014

Apple’s Ahrendts offers tips on transitioning to a new job in LinkedIn post

Apple's newly hired SVP of Retail Angela Ahrendts posted an article to LinkedIn on Monday, offering advice to those transitioning to new jobs, just as she did recently in joining Apple.

Montag, Juni 23rd, 2014

Microsoft follows Apple’s lead, slashes pricing for OneDrive cloud storage

The latest shot in the cloud storage wars came on Monday from Microsoft, which announced a restructuring of its OneDrive offering that will more than double users' base storage allowance, as the software giant reacts to recent...

Montag, Juni 23rd, 2014

Leak shows 8.9" Nexus tablet from HTC, Google’s latest stab at Apple’s iPad

With Google's I/O conference set to kick off this Wednesday and showcase the company's next direction for its Android mobile platform, a new leak now shows an 8.9-inch HTC tablet that is expected to be the next...

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