Freitag, Januar 24th, 2014

iPhone 6 Reportedly Launching This Summer | The Rubin Report

According to Chinese publication TenCent, the new iPhone 6 may enter production as soon as may and launch this summer. Although only rumors exist at the mome...

Donnerstag, September 12th, 2013

Complaints about new iPhone’s price in China

Chinese consumers weigh in on the new iPhone, and Apple's market outlook is examined. More from CNN at

Samstag, August 3rd, 2013

Jimmy Fallon’s Monologue: Justin Bieber’s iPhone Incident, Chinese Pools

Jimmy Fallon's monologue from Friday, August 2. Subscribe NOW to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Watch Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Weekn...

Sonntag, Juli 28th, 2013

"Low Cost" iPhone 5C pictures Leaked! (a thelatestech website) Facebook Page: An image posted on Chinese site WeiPhone a...

Sonntag, Juli 28th, 2013

Budget iPhone Leaked (Glossy Body, Lightning Port, Single Flash, September 2013 & More!)

Apple's budget iPhone has been leaked again! The glossy plastic body along with its ports have been detailed in the leaked image. Look for more coverage on t...

Mittwoch, März 13th, 2013

Apple adds iOS Maps Flyover support, 3D buildings, turn-by-turn navigation in multiple cities

Apple has been quietly updating its much maligned iOS Maps app over the past weeks, adding Flyover support for 15 new cities, while updating 3D building rendering, turn-by-turn navigation, points of interest and other tweaks for many...

Mittwoch, März 13th, 2013

Apple to diversify manufacturers for low-cost and legacy iPhones

A fresh report from KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo on Tuesday predicts Apple will tap manufacturing partner Pegatron to build a majority of orders for the rumored low-cost FDD-based iPhone, as well as more than half of all...

Dienstag, März 12th, 2013

Google Now for iOS allegedly demoed in ‘leaked’ promotional video

A video showing off an alleged Google Now app built for iOS was supposedly leaked to YouTube on Tuesday, with the promotional-style clip touting the service's major features including real time data acquisition and predictive actions.

Dienstag, März 12th, 2013

Rumor: Intel could land 10% of Apple’s ‘A7′ chip orders

As Intel gets into the chip contracting business, the company could obtain as much as 10 percent of Apple's next-generation mobile chip orders, insiders believe.

Dienstag, März 12th, 2013

Apple patents reliable social networking system that tracks ‘stalkers’ and ‘spammers’

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday granted Apple a patent for a social networking system that institutes a number of database-level features to ensure reliable "friend states," or how users interact with each other.