Mittwoch, Juli 23rd, 2014

Apple TV, Roku getting FXNow with Simpsons World in next 12 months

According to new from television writer Jason Lynch, Apple TV and Roku streaming devices will gain the FXNow on-demand service within the next 12 months. The news emerged from today's Fox and the FX Network stop on the Television Critics Association Press Tour. With the new app comes Simpsons World, a new service that provides streaming to...

Montag, Juli 21st, 2014

New iPhone 6 leak shows updated rear shell with inlaid Apple logo

New photos show what is believed to be a rear shell for the iPhone 6 from a later stage of manufacturing. The shell notably has an iPad-style inlaid Apple logo, and a smoother overall appearance, unlike some...

Montag, Juli 21st, 2014

Several backdoors included on every iOS device, researcher says

iOS contains several backdoors that may allow for Apple and/or governments to collect private data, according to a forensic scientist, Jonathan Zdziarski. Presenting at the recent Hackers On Planet Earth (HOPE/X) conference, Zdziarski said that that there...

Freitag, Juli 18th, 2014

Apple responds to EC complaints by touting iTunes’ app controls as ‘leading the industry,’ cites iOS 8 "Ask To Buy" feature

In response to complaints published by European Commission regulators regarding In App Purchases, Apple has issued a statement outlining that it already does more than anyone else in the industry, and will be further enhancing its efforts...

Mittwoch, Juli 16th, 2014

Apple agrees to pay $450 million to settle ebook price fixing lawsuit

Apple has agreed to pay up to $450 million to settle a class-action lawsuit from states and consumers accusing the iPad maker of illegally fixing e-book prices and raising costs.

Mittwoch, Juli 16th, 2014

Apple implements transit encryption for iCloud email to prevent snooping

Apple appears to have completed an initiative designed to increase the security of its iCloud email service by adding end-to-end encryption for messages sent from and, according to new data from Google's Gmail.

Mittwoch, Juli 16th, 2014

Rumor: Fourth beta of Apple’s iOS 8 expected to arrive Monday, July 21

The fourth pre-release beta for Apple's forthcoming iOS 8 mobile operating system update is rumored to arrive next Monday, July 21, exactly two weeks after the arrival of the third beta.

Mittwoch, Juli 16th, 2014

New photos purport to show tweaked Touch ID sensor for Apple’s ‘iPhone 6′

With Apple believed to be in the final stages of preparation to begin manufacturing its next-generation iPhones, a slightly redesigned Touch ID component said to be headed for the so-called iPhone 6 has surfaced from Japan.

Mittwoch, Juli 16th, 2014

First Look: Logitech adds to ‘case+’ system with new ‘protection+’ iPhone 5/5s case and car mounts

Building on its recent "case+" system of modular iPhone accessories, Logitech on Wednesday announced the "protection+" slim fit case and two accompanying car mounts, one of which was part of the original $200 set.

Dienstag, Juli 15th, 2014

Brightly brings personal UV tracking to iOS, PayPal adds support for loyalty cards

The App Store added two vacation-season updates on Tuesday, with Brightly aiming to help iPhone owners avoid getting sunburn while soaking up the summer sun, while PayPal continued to expand its payments empire by adding support for...

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