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Dienstag, Mai 29th, 2012

How to Transfer Songs from iPod to Computer Free & Easy w/iTunes Windows 7

See how to move your Songs & Music from your iPod to your Computer iTunes. If you deleted your music off your computer or your computer crash, than this video is for you. It shows you how to put them back on a Windows 7, Vista or XP computer from your iPod.This puts your songs and music...

Donnerstag, Mai 24th, 2012

My Ipod Touch Won’t Turn On: How to Fix it (works on iPhones too) ►@duingitwell

►Twitter @duingitwell I ►Text Me (513)214-0453 ► I http APPLY FOR FULL YOUTUBE PARTNERSHIP ▼ ♥ Beauty: Fashion: Vlog: Tech: A fast and easy way to fix your iPod touch or iPhone...

Mittwoch, Mai 23rd, 2012

Unfold – Folding iPhone and iPod Touch Lockscreen Animation

Unfold is a new free tweak available on the BigBoss repository. Unfold provides a simple but unique unlock animation for your iPhone and iPod Touch. Thanks for watching. Please stay tuned for more by subscribing to the...

Freitag, Mai 18th, 2012

pocket guitar megadeth holy wars solo cover iphone ipod

i sold my strat and i didnt have a guitar so i got this guitar app and started to try playing real songs with it. this app was really hard for me to play on. at the...

Freitag, Mai 18th, 2012

Top 10 iPhone/iPod Touch Apps

Here are my favorite apps for you, iPhone/iPod Touch users out there! Subscribe to my weekly vlogs Retweet :) http://clicktot...

Montag, Mai 14th, 2012

MacBook Pro Rumors, NBC’s Upcoming Tv Shows, Kodak Nuclear Reactor

Today on The Daily Brief we took a look at the following topics: Kodak's Nuclear Reactor: Macbook Pro Rumors: NBC TV show line up: Your viral video of the day: AskMen: Follow...

Samstag, Mai 12th, 2012

How to Transfer Music from ipod to itunes Library Windows 7 & Free

This video shows you how to transfer music from ipod to itunes library Free & Fast. You need to do this if your computer crashes, you just got a new computer, you accidentally deleted your files, or...

Samstag, Mai 12th, 2012

CS6 Macbook Air (Photoshop and After Effects)

A look at how Adobe CS6 runs on the the MacBook Air, specifically Photoshop and After Effects. MacBook stand (mstand): MacBook case (incipio feather): Photoshop Blur Test: Calendar app: Music: Soundtrack Pro Shot...

Freitag, Mai 4th, 2012

HowTo: Get Paid Cydia Apps Free – iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad [2013]

Hey Guys! This is a tutorial on how to get those paid cydia apps for free!! Insanelyi - xSellize - Twitter: Facebook: (TechnoDLSK12) Instagram: DLSK12

Mittwoch, Mai 2nd, 2012

iPad Keyboard Prototype Continued here: iPad Keyboard Prototype

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